Women die of Breast Cancer
Prostate Cancer Kills 10,000
Health Screening Detects Diseases
Reduce Health Risks
Raised Cholesterol
Raised Blood Pressure
Modify your lifestyle
Ensure Peace of Mind
Worries for your Health
Worries for Family illness
Provide Health Screening
Detect Disease Early
GP Medic is an organisation which is working closely with The Kings Oak/Cavell Hospitals which are part of BMI Healthcare. GPMedic will provide Friendly Fully qualified Doctors to see in a choice of these excellent North London Hospitals.

We are thriving to provide a complete Health Screening service in establishments of a very high standard.

We now offer Body scanning along with our extensive health screening packages as part of our dedication to preventative health which is proving to be extremely popular. This takes place at The Enfield Alliance MRI Centre on Chase Farm Hospitals Site only.

Also A simple phone call and the doctor can visit you at a convenient time or place of your choosing with our GP Medic Service.

Our doctors are current NHS practitioners and Members of The Royal College of GPs. We thrive to offer a professional prompt service and believe deeply in quality.
BMI The Kings Oak, Cavell and The Garden Hospitals
Tel. No. 07899 076 316

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